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Lent Series continued

3.18.18  "Instructions from James: Submit to God"  James 4:1-10     J. Scott Allred

03-18-18 Sermon 11am.MP3
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Jews for Jesus, Ruth Rosen

3.11.18  "Christ in the Passover"    Guest Speaker, Ruth Rosen from Jews for Jesus

03-11-18 11am Ruth Rosen.MP3
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Lent Series

3.4.18 Third Lent: Instructions from James "Faith vs Works"  James 2:14-26 

                                                                                       J. Scott Allred

03-04-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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2.25.18 Second Lent: Instructions from James "Divide and Unconquer"

                                                   James 2:1-13                    J. Scott Allred

02-25-18 11 am Sermon.MP3
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2.18.18 First Lent: Instructions from James "Persevere" James 1:1-12  J. Scott Allred

02-18-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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The Book of Acts continued

2.11.18          "A Vision for Help"         Acts 16:1-10               J. Scott Allred

02-11-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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2.4.18    "The Council's Letter and a Division"     Acts 15: 22-41      J. Scott Allred

02-04-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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1.28.18    "Uh-Oh, A Controversy of Law?"      Acts 15:1-21        J. Scott Allred

01-28-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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1.21.18   "What a Contrast??"        Acts 14:8-20          J. Scott Allred

01-21-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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1.14.18     "Pot Stirrer"      Acts 14:1-7      J. Scott Allred

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1.7.18      "Why Didn't He Just Go Himself?"    Mathew 2:1-12       J. Scott Allred

01-07-18 11am Sermon.MP3
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12.31.17     "Are You Open to Jesus?"      Mathew 2:1-12      Dr. Neal Neuenburg

12-31-17 10am.MP3
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12.24.17   "You Want Me to do What?"   Mathew 1:18-25        J. Scott Allred

12-24-17 11 am sermon.MP3
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12.17.17        "Are You Willing?"           Luke 1:36-38        J. Scott Allred 

12-17-17 11am.MP3
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12.10.17    "The Voice"       Malachi 4:5-6, Luke 1: 5-17        J. Scott Allred

12-10-17 11am.MP3
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12.3.17    "Isaiah Foretold It"        Isaiah 7:13-14, 9:2-7 11:1-3    J.Scott Allred

12-3-17 11am Sermon.MP3
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The Book of Acts

11.26.17  "With Advent Coming, Lord, When?"     Acts 1:6-7      J. Scott Allred

11-26-17 1100am.MP3
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11.12.17 "Not Everyone Liked His Version of History" Acts 13:42-52   J. Scott Allred

11-12-17 1100am (2).MP3
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11.5.17   "Paul the Historian"        Acts 13:13-41           J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [35.7 MB]

10.29..17       "Set Aside"         Acts 13:1-3         J. Scott Allred

10-29-17 11 am.MP3
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10.22.17       "Prosecutions and Miracles"      Acts 12:1-19       J. Scott Allred

10-22-17 1100am.MP3
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10.15.17  "Wait! Who Are These Guys?"    Acts 11:19-30     J. Scott Allred

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10.01.17  "The Spirit is Poured Out...on Them???"   Acts 10: 24-48  J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [28.5 MB]

10.08.17  "Overcoming Fear with Faith" 

                              Numbers 13 & 14 and Isaiah 41:10 Neal Neuenburg

10 01 17 1100am.MP3
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09.24.17  "God a Gentile?"   Acts 10:9-23   J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [27.8 MB]

09.17.17  "God a Gentile???"  Acts 10:1-8    J. Scott Allred

09 17 17 1100am.MP3
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09.10.17  "Doing Good and Helping the Poor"   Acts 9:19-43    J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [36.2 MB]

09.03.17 "Philip the Baptist!"  Acts 8:26-40     J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [38.3 MB]

08.27.17  "The Holy Spirit is Not for Sale!"  Acts 8:9-25   J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [24.2 MB]

08.13.17  "Persecution - the Church Grows"   Acts 8:1-8  J. Scott Allred

MP3 File [34.1 MB]

08.06.17  "Called to Serve Tables"   Acts 6:1-7    J. Scott Allred

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After the Fire

07.09.17  "Signs and Wonders"  Acts 5:12-16   J. Scott Allred


sermon 07-09-17 11am.MP3
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07.02.17   "Biblical Communism"     Acts 4:32-37    J. Scott Allred

07-02-17 11am.MP3
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06.25.17   "Uh-oh, Consequences!"   Acts 4:1-22   J. Scott Allred

Uh-oh, Consequences!
06-25-17 1100.MP3
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6.18.17   "Joseph, A Good Dad"    Acts 3:11-25    J. Scott Allred

Joseph, A Good Dad
Sermon 06-18-17 1100am.MP3
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06.11.17   "I Have Nothing for You"   Acts 3:1-10   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [5.6 MB]

06.04.17   "See What Happens When the Fire is Lit!"   Acts 2:1-12   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.8 MB]

Biblical Clichés

05.28.17   Biblical Clichés: "Temptation is Sin"   James 1:12-15; 1 Corinthians 10:13   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [8.1 MB]

05.21.17   Biblical Clichés: "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"   Lamentations 3:22-27   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [5.1 MB]

05.07.17   Biblical Clichés: "Money Is the Root..."; "The Truth Will Set You Free"   1 Timothy 6:3-11; John 8:31-32   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [8.8 MB]

04.23.17   Biblical Clichés: "Trust in the Lord"   Proverbs 3:5-6   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.9 MB]


11.19.17     "One Leper Came Back..."      Luke 17:11-19       J. Scott Allred

11-19-17 1100am.MP3
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08.19.17  "Faith of a Canaanite Woman"  Matthew 15:21-28     Fred Dietrich

08_19_17 1100am.MP3
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05.14.17  Mother's Day: "Who Is This Woman?"   2 Samuel 20:14-22   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.0 MB]

04.30.17   "Radical Hospitality"   Hebrews 13:1-2   Dr. Neal Neuenburg

MP3 audio file [9.5 MB]

02.26.17   "Come and See"   Fred Dietrich

MP3 audio file [6.7 MB]

Holy Week Teachings

04.16.17   Holy Week Teachings: "Don't Be Alarmed"   Mark 16:1-8   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.3 MB]

04.09.17   Holy Week Teachings: "The Lord Needs It!"   Mark 11:1-11   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.8 MB]

04.02.17   Holy Week Teachings: "How Then, Shall We Live?"   Mark 12:35-44   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [8.2 MB]

03.26.17   Holy Week Teachings: "The Greatest Commendment"   Mark 12:28-34   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.6 MB]

03.19.17   Holy Week Teachings: "Not Was, Is!"   Mark 12:18-27   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [8.5 MB]

03.12.17   Holy Week Teachings: "Must I Pay My Taxes?"   Mark 12:13-17   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.6 MB]

03.05.17   Holy Week Teachings: "The Parable of the Tenants"   Mark 12:1-12   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [8.0 MB]

Lenten Series

04.02.17   Lenten Series   Glen Raley, Marysville First United Methodist Church

MP3 audio file [4.2 MB]

03.26.17   Lenten Series   Dave Vallelunga, Chico Trinity United Methodist Church

Recording not available.

03.19.17   Lenten Series   Darla Hadrick, Biggs United Methodist Church  

MP3 audio file [5.4 MB]

03.12.17   Lenten Series   Lois Black, Yuba City First United Methodist Church

MP3 audio file [7.9 MB]

03.05.17   Lenten Series   Chet Rutledge, Chico Church of Christ

MP3 audio file [6.4 MB]

Don't Mess with God's Saints

02.19.17   Don't Mess With God's Saints: "God in the Box, Part 2"  1 Samuel 5-6   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [9.4 MB]

02.12.17   Don't Mess With God's Saints: "God in the Box, Part 1"  1 Samuel 4   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.2 MB]

02.05.17   Don't Mess With God's Saints: "Gideon, Part 2"   Judges 7   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.2 MB]

01.29.17   Don't Mess With God's Saints: "Gideon, Part 1"   Judges 6   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [9.3 MB]

01.22.17   Don't Mess With God's Saints: "Deborah"   Judges 4   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.7 MB]

01.15.17   Don't Mess With God's Saints: "Ehud"   Judges 3:12-30   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.9 MB]

01.08.17   Epiphany: "The Wise Men Gave Good Gifts"   Matthew 2:9-12; 1 Corinthians 9:19-27   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [9.4 MB]

01.01.17   "Jesus' Other Parent: Joseph"   Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:21-33   Larry Ducommun

MP3 audio file [5.6 MB]

Light of the World

12.25.16   Light of the World: "Follow Me"   John 1:43-51   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [5.4 MB]

12.24.16   Light of the World: "Became Flesh"   John 1:14   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [5.7 MB]

12.18.16   Light of the World: "Shine Out"   Matthew 5:14-16   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.3 MB]

12.11.16   Light of the World: "Children"   John 1:10-13   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.7 MB]

12.04.16   Light of the World: "Witness"   John 1:6-9   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.8 MB]

11.27.16   Light of the World: "Life"   John 1:1-5   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.0 MB]

11.20.16   "I Will Rejoice in the Lord"   Habbakuk 3:16-19   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [6.6 MB]

11.13.16   Stewardship: "I'll Give When I Get"   Genesis 14:17-20   J. Scott Allred

MP3 audio file [7.4 MB]



A Baby Changes Everything (Faith Hill) - Veronica Tobias, soloist
A Baby Changes Everything.mp3
MP3 audio file [6.6 MB]
Say the Name (Margaret Becker) - Clark Minor, soloist
Say the Name.mp3
MP3 audio file [6.9 MB]


Carol of the Bells - Clark Minor, piano
Carol of the Bells.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.6 MB]
Mozart's Gloria - Fran Neuenburg, piano; Clark Minor, organ
Mozart's Gloria.mp3
MP3 audio file [4.7 MB]

Praise Team

Everlasting God (Lincoln Brewster)
Everlasting God.mp3
MP3 audio file [7.3 MB]
Here I Am to Worship (Tim Hughes)
Here I Am to Worship.mp3
MP3 audio file [6.3 MB]

Chancel Choir

Children Bound for Heaven (Mary McDonald)
Children Bound for Heaven.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Sweet Child of Bethlehem (Joel Raney)
Sweet Child of Bethlehem.mp3
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